Lighting design is an important part of every home.
Great lighting can help create an inviting and functional atmosphere in any room.

Our lighting staff can offer their advice and experience to help you choose lighting to suit your lifestyle.
From replacing broken fixtures to refurbishing your entire home, or anything in-between, Project Lighting can help you.

Kitchen Lighting

Your kitchen lighting needs to perform many functions, including but not limited to:

  • - Providing adequate light for tasks
  • - Maintaining a warm and inviting atmosphere
  • - Highlighting the décor features of your design

Layering your lighting and choosing a combination of lighting features will provide the best overall solution for your kitchen lighting. Project Lighting’s specialists can assist you in selecting the most appropriate lighting options for your kitchen’s unique design.

Bathroom Lighting

Just like in your kitchen, bathroom lighting should be layered to meet the many functions a bathroom performs. Speak to one of our lighting specialists to help you in the selection of lighting that is best for the vanity, creating a spa-like atmosphere and the overall aesthetic of the room.

Living Room Lighting

Living room lighting is very important to the overall design of the room. It can serve many functions that go beyond just simply lighting the room. In addition to the light feature itself being a design element, it can highlight a piece of art or it can create a dramatic or luxurious look. As in your kitchen and bath, you can also layer your lighting in the living room to suit your specific needs.

Dining Room Lighting

When planning your dining room lighting, consider if you’ll only be using the room for meals or if you need the space for projects or food preparation. Just as in the other rooms in your home, your dining room lighting can coincide with the design theme you’ve chosen. For advice on how to best light your dining room, speak to one of the lighting specialists at Project Lighting.

Exterior Lighting

There are so many types of exterior lighting and all too often we neglect the essential lighting we need for the outside of our home. Whether you’re looking for a great landscape lighting solution or you want better outdoor accent lighting, Project Lighting can help you. Our specialists can help you choose the best options when you want to light your home for better security, create a more comfortable outdoor living space or to achieve more curb-appeal.

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